Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oui Oui I arm Fraaarnch

The other night we were having an in depth discussion (piss up) at the bro's place and I brought up (started drunken rambling about) Michele Gondry. This dude is one of my favourite directors and I'd love to do some shit with Underneath The Shade that involved his low fi hand made feel. So I thought I'd share a few of his videos on the blog today just to see what people think.

Is it water on the knee?

Hairy pits.

Paul McCartney's club banger.

Some 3 syllable lyrical shit

The 'bullet time effect' before the matrix did it. Shame Matrix.

Most romantic chauvinist ever.

Take mushrooms and watch this things will never be the same. In your brain that is.

Have a cry

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