Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Favourite Spacies They Used To Have At The Dairy

When I was a kid, the dairy was the coolest place in the world to be. Allllll the kids in the neighbourhood would flock there in the weekend to talk about what happened on xmen that morning and spend all the coins they stole from their hungover mum's purse on spacies and lollies. Through my years I played me some darn good games and I thought it would be right that I took some time to pay homage to these wonderful machines that shaped me into the man I am. So I made this list. (I couldn't put Street Fighter in of course because that would just be an insult. Street Fighter needs a list of it's own) These are my top 10 favourite arcade games of all time. Enjoy.

10. Blood Bros

Playing two player on this game could make or break lifelong friendships 'You take the right bro, shux don't be greedy I got the power up' but your 20 cents always went a long way with this game. I like shooting baddies.

9. Shinobi

I had to put Shinobi on this list. Not just cause Inspectah Deck swings shwords like it on the best verse of all time, but cause it's a genuine classic. I used to play this at Hollywood Cinema in Avondale. Boy she was a hard game to clock. The bonus stage with the ninja stars from a POV shot was the shit.

8. Bubble Bobble

I think this game is infinite. I never could get past the 867th stage. Darn good game though.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Once, in Standard 1, when we had to do current events (you know when you have to get up in front of the class and say some shit you read in the newspaper) my mate Paul got up and said 'Yesterday, me and Steven were playing in the paddock behind my house and we met the Ninja Turtles, any questions?' .. I believed him. I think maybe I still do.

6. Snow Bros

Who doesn’t love rolling little monsters into perfectly compacted snowballs and pushing them all into each other. That’s the shit.

5. Super Pang

I'ma let you in on some top secret shit right here. Come close. *whispers* If you hold down the joystick and press start on the start menu it comes up with this screen and you can pick ANY STAGE YOU WANT! Use this knowledge wisely grasshopper. The world is now your oyster. But know this my son, a true master does not need a level select. Panic Mode is the true black belt of this game.

4. Mortal Kombat 2

This game changed my life. I remember taking my special little note pad up to the dairy with every single fatality written down in it. Pretty soon I knew them all off by heart. I still couldn't do my 8 times tables but.

3. Toki

I clocked this game once with one credit. How you like that ladies?

2. Atomic Runner

This was going to be Number 1. But I had an inner turmoil. You gota love this game. They only had this in uptown Avondale and we used to have to walk all the way up there on a Saturday just to play it. It always felt like I was Jacob from the book of Exodus (or whatever his name was) walking through the deserts of Jerusalem (or wherever the fuck it was) you know what I mean? It was a fucking long way to walk. Especially when your legs were about 45 centimetres long. But it was worth it.

1. Three Wonders

Ok so here’s my number One. What a fucking beauty of a game this was. 3 games in 1! Shit! This game was always like the Neapolitan ice-cream of spacie games. The platform game 'Midnight Wanderers' was like the chocolate. It had everything, mean az powerups, lord of the rings looking baddies, a loyal to the bone side kick dude who sat on your shoulder shooting dudes for you, hardnuts bosses and a heart warming story line. Plus there was the plane game 'Chariot' That game was the fucking shit 2. And then there was that puzzle game 'Don't Pull'. That was like the strawberry. Nobody played that.

But yeah. That's my list. Hope you liked it. I tried my best to include everything but you can’t please everyone. Anyway. I gota go. I’m guna walk up to the dairy, get me 50cents worth of milk bottles, line me up 17 20s on the bottom of the screen and clock the fuck out of Atomic Runner. You should do the same. Chur!.

Honourable Mentions
Captain Comando
Final Fight
Killer Instinct
Alien vs Predator


  1. Epic post bro.
    Did you ever play Crude Buster? That game was responsible for me scamming 20c coins any way I could. Fake 40hr famines, impromptu busking, the lot.

  2. Super Pang! still jam that on the chipped xbox. After spots of course.