Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Home Brew World Tour

As some of you might know, we recently just got back from a year long trip around the world. It was a life changing experience. We met some wonderful people and saw some amazing places that we will never forget. We thought it might be cool to share with you some of our memories that we made on the tour, so we've posted a few of our favourite photos. Taken by our bro Sam Montgomery. Keep an ear out for the New Zealand tour we'll be doing this July. Masterton Community Center watch out. We're coming.

Rocking the bells with the Hare Krishnahs on the streets of Mumbai, India.

Sigfried hustling outside the Whitcoulls in Las Vegas

Delving into French fashion on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Chilling with Fidel after a peace keeping conference in Cuba.

The breathtaking coast line of Tuscany, Italia.

Charles Mingus at the Apollo in Harlem, New York.

Some voluntary work we did with Green Peace on the Brazilian squirrel monkey

Nature calling in the cold streets of Brixton, South London

Experiencing some fine Thai Cuisine in Bangkok (spot the lady boy)

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  1. Damn. One of those hare krishna's used to DJ and write graffiti wit us. He wrote Dozer. Life is crazy.