Sunday, February 27, 2011

Talib Kewli - Gutter Rainbows **

Music from the drunk dude rapping in your ear in the corner of the club.

Bro. What are you on about?... You been flowing in that same cadance for the last 3 albums and you still havn't said shit. You're killing it like undertakers? What does that even mean? "Your history is as short as the month of febuary?" Are you stepping me out? I thought you were a conscious rapper. Heyo Madlib, your boy's talking yadayadayada again. Please take him home and explain to him the definition of the word cohesive. This isn't 2001 anymore Talib. You can't get away with that take it in vien/vain line anymore. You need to get off twitter. #toomuchinternet bro. Jean Grae just murdered you on that track. That was ugly. But hey bro, remember that line of yours that went "Just because no one can understand how you speak, don't necessarily mean that what you be saying is deep"?... Yeah nah. That was cool.

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