Monday, February 28, 2011

Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids ***

Dwelling in the past flash backs when I was young.

Let's be honest, this album could never live up to vintage Ghost. 'Iron Man' would destroy it with 'Daytona 500' alone. 'Motherless Child', and 'All That I Got Is You' are made of the kind of lyrics you'd tattoo on your forehead. 'Supreme Clientele' is the kind of record you'd name your kids after. A work of art that defines a generation of music. And 'Apollo Kids' was just the 6th track on that album. Probably the worst. But it's still better than any track from this record. This record is at best a tribute to that era. A replica of classic Ghostface. Big production and sharp lyrics but nothing new stylistically. Put it this way, you know it's a bad album when there's a U-God guest appearance. There are some good moments though. Eg, 'Even barrack watches the wire'. And it might be his best album since Fishscale. But if you're a real ghost fan, fuck this album. Go tie your t-shirt round your face and put 'Mighty Healthy' on repeat. Peace Gawd.

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