Friday, June 4, 2010

Written off for a day...

The night started off with Team Dynamite, followed by Dave Dallas & the Dirty boys (PNC & Vince) then the Brew + band. Me & Tom hung around & watched ARC drop some gems on the tables & at this stage after sharing a whole bottle of 42below with new faces I was pretty much trashed & it was just us (the normal scene) in the building still partying.

I duno how I got across the road but thats where I ended up. On Flashes counch listening to bottles clank as the crew at Plaything were starting the big clean up (was about 10am).

I didnt get home till after 12 that day & once home, I realised how much of a mess I was. My jeans were dirty, like i had been playing in the mud, puffer jacket had shit all over it (from when I slipped over) & my fresh new kicks looked like they the time of its life.

Dope night.

All Photos shot by my VICNZ homies Calis & Emily. Excepet the dirty shoe pics that was all me gee :)

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