Friday, June 4, 2010

Forgive Me Mikey

Last week I had my heart crushed into tiny little pieces when I heard that Mikey Havoc had been playing our song with fart noises over it and saying things like 'get a job'.

This cut deep into my sensitive little soul because I hate getting a job and I've always been a massive Mikey fanboy. I've been listening to the drive show since before it changed to the breakfast show and then back to the drive show and I even watched that thing he did on TV3. So I was emotionally destroyed when I heard he was disrespeck'n us. I took it to war. It was like Newzealand's own Biggy and Tupac and a lot of innocent people died without reason...

Today however, this must all end. It turns out that Mikey actually likes (liked) our music and that it was all just a viscous rumor and now I feel like an asshole.

So Mikey, I pray that you will take sympathy upon me. I have sinned. Please accept this offering of peace. Sorry about calling you a crack head. I was high on crack at the time. You're actually a comedic genius. I hope that today we can put this all behind us, sit down with a dilma tea and watch some classic telly.

Sorry bro.



(**PS This is the first and last apology I will ever make to anyone. Mai FM and The door bitch at Thirsty Dog last night can still get fucked)

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