Monday, May 10, 2010

Dunedin This Weekend..

Myself & the rest of the Brew familia are playing down in Dunners this weekend.
It should be fun, well with us..its always fun when we get to play outta Auckland.
Run the muck & just pretty much enjoy every moment without a care in the world, till its time to goo home hahaha..thats the suck part!

We'll be playing alongside our good friends Mt Eden Dubstep & Six60 + afew others that Ive never heard of before (They probably saying the same thing bout us, ha).
But the best part bout this gig is all the tickets are sold out!!hahaha..that means we get to play infront of a packed house :)Limited doorsales on the night tho!

So if your in Dunedin you dont have your ticket, come down & try sneak in or something, just make sure you dont bring the riot squad with you.

May 15th
Sammy's Entertainment Venue

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