Monday, May 10, 2010

Dam Funk This Thursday!!

You may have heard threw the rotten grape vine that Dam Funk will here in Aotearoa this week & guess what?..I dont even have my ticket yet!..I know slack az, but Its not that I dont wana purchase a ticket or that I wana get into the gig for free hahaha (hook me up if your reading this Dam bro)but because I always get a little side tracked when I come into the city..Either getting drunk, shit faced & all that good stuff you see on my facebook status or actually making music with the boys. This week I will make the effort to go out & buy me a ticket. If you haven't got yours yet I suggest you go out & get yours.

Heres an interview with Dam & the bro Mr Pepperell from the hip drop

with local support from Recloose, Frank Booker and Isaac Aesili feat. Rachel Fraser!!

Tickets on sale @ Real Groovy, Conch and

$15 (+booking fee) limited presale, $25 door

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