Monday, March 14, 2011

RIP Open Souls

On Sunday we gaped it up to Leigh for the LAST EVER Open Souls gig. EVER. (no trinity roots) :'( It was a beautiful funeral and it made me remember why they're easily the illest New Zealand group of all time. (Yeah I said it Moana) Something like the Wutang of New Zealand when you think about it. Let me break it down like this.


Bjorn - GZA

Tyrra - Method (wo) Man

Buttafingers - RZA

Chip Mathews - Raekwon

Julien Dyne - Inspectah Deck

Isaac Aesili - Old Dirty Bastard

Jeremy Toy - Ghostface

Steph Brown - Masta Killah

*Disclaimer - it just wouldn't be fair to call anybody U-God.

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