Thursday, February 17, 2011

nas damien marley review

Name one man besides Harrison Ford that looks good in cargo pants?... Exactly. Nas is the illest. What other dude can forget all his lyrics mid song and then just pose arms folded while the band have a panic attack?... See Nas doesn't remember lyrics. He writes them. You remember them. So when he says "evidently it's elementary" any person who's ever worn a beanie even slightly to the side replies "they want us all gone eventually'. And that's how it works. That's the key ingredient to any good hip-hop show. That. And Damien Marley. Damien Marley swinging locks that would end One Dred Edd's career while singing like he'd somehow channeled the spirit of his old man. Now that's a good show. Add an 8 piece band with Lee Scratch Perry's lookalike as hype man and some dude paid in weed to wave a giant rasta flag and then you have a great show. Combine that with 'One Mic' played accapella over Rafiki from The Lion King's drum with the dynamic building into something that sounds exactly like a fiend dropping his Heineken and now you have one of the best hip-hop shows NZ has ever seen. That's not even including 'Represent' 'Got Yourself A Gun' or 'Made You Look'. Just one of those songs live would fully boggle your little mind. But then with the youngest Marley perfectly pronouncing every mispronounced word in 'Welcome To Jam Rock' and delivering 'Patience' with enough heart to make even the most cynical cuntface in the audience feel like he was on 'iloveyoubro' ecstasy you then have the closest you could possibly come to the '79 Wailers show at Western Springs. It actually felt like watching Royalty. Solomonic Lineage. They even managed to pull of 'Could You Be Loved' without it feeling like a rugby league club 50th. And even though Nas had sold his QB medallion to pay for Kellis' child support battle and Damien could easily have had a Nicole Richie complex, there was still an almost Godly humility between the two of them. It was a fucking beautiful thing. It was like all races combined in two men. Like smoking weed in the streets without cops harassing. On E. Best. Gig. Ever.


  1. hehe and when i was in Damiens gig earlier, it was quite shit.

    seems like everything is better in NZ than in the rest of the world..

  2. Beautiful thing alright. Was at their Wellington show, it was amazing. I even managed to be standing in a spot where the sound was decent, could hear every last word.