Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Milk Review

Last night Daru Jones played at Zen Bar with support from some guy called Black Milk.

When my friend told me Daru Jones was the best Hip-Hop drummer in the world I almost kicked him in the face. What sacrilege. How dare he spit on our Pope's (?uest Love) sacred name.. Then.. Last night happened. The art of drumming was reinvented. The dude from Def Leppard grew his arm back and half of Auckland got their necks broken. It was something like the black Deep Purple. Like a pony-tailless mosh pit. The energy was something straight from the Motown text books. Like the passion of a young Jay Dee with the percision of The Funk Brother's. Simultaneously, the band would come to a screeching stop on the edge of the cliff of the 4th bar to accentuate the punchline and then they'd crash in unison on the 2nd just to catch the audience off guard. Meanwhile Black Milk was delivering lyrics quicker than a pinging Postman Pat. Passionately spitting his more introspective songs like 'Distortion' with the audience stuck to his every word and then mixing into the bangers like 'Welcome', 'The Matrix' and 'Losing Out' with the audience stuck to the ceiling by their sweat. Soon it was time to 'Give The Drummer Sum' and Daru started playing at about 752 BPM. He almost broke the sound barrier with his kick drum. Then on 'Without You' he actually broke his kick drum. Black Milk looked at him like an angry parent ('He does this every show') and Daru looked back at him like he'd just been caught eating sand. Then Dad turned his back and he went straight back to breaking the rest of the kit and the crowd went back to breaking the rest of their spinal column.

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