Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aloe Review

Either the ecstasy in Auckland is good again, or Aloe Blacc is Marvin Gaye's bastard child. I swear I havn't sung along like that since the Pokemon rap. It was like standard four assembly sponsored by Jameson. For one moment there, as we all swayed along to 'You Make Me Smile' like it was 'We Are The World' I think I might've even enjoyed the company of others. It was a weird sensation. Perhaps it was the salt in the bathroom tap water, or maybe 'The Grand Scheme' were just that good. They played through every banger on 'Good Things' like they could have done it in reverse. Their timing was menstrual. Morningside Dairy tight. All while Aloe hit notes like the god son of soul. Captivating the audience with everything from a salsa version of 'I Need a Dollar' to a Motown version of 'Billie Jean'. He even managed to pull of the dreaded political song without the bar overflowing. Shit, I think I might have even danced in the soul train line. I don't remember. All I know is I was happy. Sure it was ironic that the cougar next to me smelt like cat piss. But with a voice like Aloe's she was the odour of euphoria. And yeah the crowd looked like the closing credits of Riki Lake as they attempted to soul clap in time but who am I to judge? They can enjoy their $11 chardonnay and I'll enjoy the best Velvet Underground cover I've ever heard. Fuck it. I was happy. And so were the rest of the parent teachers association. And that's what music is all about right? Can I get a soul clap? ... Right On.

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