Sunday, December 19, 2010

Art Neville

Thanks to my bro Sam Wicks and Groove Guide, tomorrow I get to interview the LEGENDARY Art Neville. Growing up this dood was always booming under the living room door into my bedroom so it's gonna be some life changing shit for me to interview him. For those of you who might not be so familiar with his music, his group The Meters have been sampled by some of your favourite artists (that amerie song you pretend you don't like) Tribe, Cube and on and on. Check some of Art's music below and check the Funky Meters live in April at the Powerstation. Tickets available here.

this is my jam

this is another group he was involved with

and you mighta heard this one

if you've ever heard this one

and this

is why you get this

and then of course these are some of the classics that you were probably conceived to

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