Monday, November 29, 2010

Call Of The Wild Video Release Party - Khuja Lounge

As you may know, we've spent the last 2 months hiking the rugged terain of this man eating country filming our first ever wild life doccumentary. Over that time we've seen some terrifying things (eg. New Plymouth and Blanket Man's balls) and some of us sadly never made it back due to strong acid and early morning flights.

But now, after what has been like a really intense episode of Dora the explorer we are home from our journey and ready to celebrate...

THIS FRIDAY AT KHUJA LOUNGE - featuring never seen before footage from the doccumentary, special guests THE ARC, DJ TDK, DJ Substance and a special guest perfomance from Norwegian sensation Max Marx. We will party until dusk to honour this wild beast that is life.

Doors open at 9. Drink specials on the night. $10 on the door.

1 comment:

  1. Is this the Underneath the shade video? Is it finally done?