Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Music - Tha Movement - Backyard Homegrown

Another mixtape outta the Statehouse Records camp. I managed to get a beat on this. Track 12. Shot to the Statehouse boys for the free download. Keep grinding.

Mixed by DJ SMV


01. Bring The Gangsta Back (Feat. Ermehn)
02. Get Money & Respect (Feat. Maliciour & Face-Killa)
03. Don’t Get Me Confused
04. My City, My Town (Feat. Mr Sicc)
05. City On Smash (Feat. Pakkz Tha General)
06. Hella High (Feat. Mr Sicc & Pakkz Tha General)
07. What I Be Doing (Feat. Mr Sicc, Maliciour & J-Dubb)
08. Drama In The Club (Feat. SMV & Koma)
09. Wave Ya Sets
10. Where The Money At? / Sick & Tired
11. Puffin On Some Trees (Feat. J-Dubb & Mr Sicc)
12. Get Busy (Feat. Pakkz Tha General, Vinny Veccetti, ThaFoot & Racine)
13. Tha Underdogs (Feat. SMV)
14. Wait Till I’m Home(Feat. Maliciour, Mr Sicc & J-Dubb)


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