Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ARC Community Projects Presents “The Circus Downtown”

Yo yo Aucklandites THE ARC Community Projects is back!

A couple of months ago we held a party at Rikka Sake bar in Victoria Park Markets. This was the first in a series of events we create and curate to help make our city better. Drawing on the talents of those around us, we transformed an abandoned restaurant in to something that felt like somewhere else for the night. It was a product of our creative community, no one taking anything away from each other, just building, no formula. You could say it was mixing rap and rock, or art and fashion, or all of these things but that would be missing the point. It was a manifestation of everything we've been working on since the beginning - our friends and their friends and our down town community. The marginalised were kings for a night. But don't let us throw our arms out patting ourselves on the back, things move quickly around here, people forget, and good. We don't want to rest on our laurels. We don't want to rest full stop.

Our second project is taking place tomorrow night (September 22) at Hitch Bar in Fort Lane. THE ARC Community Projects Presents: The Circus Downtown.

So welcome to The Circus Downtown. The name speaks of the people we work with - we're all performers, maybe to some we're just clowns, but we are bound together by something. We know we're not invited to fashion week, we don't mind. They won't mind if we do our thing, so we're going to do it up.

The line up for the party is epic - it goes like this.

Street Chant - winners of the Critics Choice Award (shout out to fellow community members Home Brew) these kids are so raw and real. They are likely to speak their minds at any time and fuck who doesn't like it. Their debut album Means has been on rotate at ARC HQ, welcome to the family. They are heading to CMJ soon so we're real excited to have them. I think they kind of have a problem with authority too, so we're all just kindred spirits.

Mellow Grave - Our homies Adrian and Birdy from 1995 might of accidentally smoked some dust and listened to some Gucci Mane freestyles cause their new project is just murder. Spaced out sizzurp beats with other world vocals and live percussion has made them big online. They just inked a deal with Sibling Sex Records NYC and to this date haven't played live yet. We got them playing on a pool table. Must see.

DJ Marek - our dirt dog from Welly, a hard drinking Polack like the ones from The Wire Season 2. He even plays that Baltimore shit. He has been running Wellington longer than John Key ever will and his Fried Chicken Sound System crew might be the best DJ force in NZ.

THE ARC - that's us, Scratch 22, Paydirt and Legal Money Mike. Making it happen.

Outside in the alley way is the real kicker though, for us. We have people like our boy Cookie and also the man himself, Chey Ataria from ABC Skateboards rolling around. We have a sketch artist that'll bust your picture out quicker than a sketchy party photgrapher ever could. Oh yeah, and just to make this seem more like a dream than a nightmare we have a classical string trio, as in violins, playing IN THE ALLEY!

So come along, get dizzy, get in to it. This a scene unfolding right now, right in the middle of fashion week, right in down town. A three ring circus. We will try for you Auckland City. You helped shape us and get us here, you introduced us to all these rad people we have.

Thank you. See you tomorrow night.


Via: http://www.realgroove.co.nz

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