Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eru Dangerspiel Review

Eru Dangerspiel - Great News For The Modern Man (Live At The Town Hall)

All that is good is nasty and nothing is good unless you play with it.

This record is like a quantum leap into the front row of a P-Funk gig in Houston in 1978. The only way to funk this performance up more would be by having Ned Ngatae play in an adult nappy. Riki Gooch sounds something like Dr Funkenstiens' intern on this record, taking the listener on a head nodding trip of funk, soul and afro beat with the energy of a rhino on heat. Chip 'Bootsy' Matthews on bass is musical super glue, Mara 'fuckin' TK and Whirimako get on some dark Marvin and Tammy shit on 'Maia' and Johnothon Crayford shits on Beethoven's 3rd concerto on 'Say Honestly'. If I was to say honestly though I'd say that if you're gonna chant the same phrase 418 times over maybe you should pick something a little more profound than 'keep it low'. Other than that though, this album is the shit. You'll be in a neck brace by the third track.


  1. whatchu mean mel? is it legal to be that ill? i don't think so.