Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wheres u bin bro?

'Up norf bro'
'Nah I mean, wheres your wheelie bin bro?'
Oh I wheeli been in jail but I just tell everyone I bin up norf'




Anyway.. Sorry the blog ain't bin updated for yonks. Bin busy doing shit.

pretended to be a DJ on Base yesterday,

Acting like I know what I'm doing

then passed the peace pipe with the bro silk on Tuesday.. Wrote a lovely song as well
Passing the peace pipe

then on Monday (Manare) I was with the bro lui
The whip

we went to pick something up from this place.. and then we wrote a banger. probably guna be on the album.
The pick up

and then on Sunday we went for the mean hard yumcha with my mrs n her posse
Yum cha

and then we got some popcorn out of this ill popcorn machine in pt chev
Popcorn love

and watched some doco that was mainly about how arabs and jews hate each other real bad. michael fanti's the man though. click here if u didn't know
Dvd night

yeah and that's how amazing my life is... and now our blog views have just dropped to 17 a month.

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