Monday, July 5, 2010

More Reviews

When we get our proper site done up we'll have a review section and it'll be amazing. Til then, I hope you like times new roman.

The Infesticons - Bedford Park *

Hiphop meets punk rock. And it turns out they fucking hate each other.

U.S congress recently passed a new bill that makes it illegal to play this album in 51 states.. (Wyoming doesn't count) It's considered by the national bureau of security to be a threat to the well being and intelligence of society. There are no lyrics on this album. Only weapons of mass destruction. Just take a line like 'get the green like artichokes' as an example and then try and tell me we don't need the military. The fact that such a thing was even allowed to be made is concerning. The whole album sounds like it was engineered by Cletus from The Simpsons and even the most die hard punks would agree that it's badly played. There's no theme, structure or concept throughout the whole thing and the singing is in a pitch that only dogs can appreciate. It is quite impressive however that someone can rap with that many teeth.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Live At Roundhouse London ***

Are we there yet? ... Shut the fu*k up and eat your Ritalin.

If the only thing you know about skanking is what you've learned from West Lake Girls you probably won't appreciate this album. You might think the songs are monotonous and take too long to build. But that's cool. You've probably never been hit in the face with a flying dread lock. You probably don't feel the bass in your stomach the same way that that weird smelling dude next to you in the poncho does. In the future you should be polite and accept whatever it is he offers you. Maybe you just need some THC for that ADHD? Maybe then you'd be more into the harmonies in the horn lines, the intricacies of the chord progressions and all that shit? You know bro? What's that? You don't like Riki Gooch. Oh true. Out of it dude. Hey how come your the only dude with his shoes on bro?

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