Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 Most Underrated

Not that anybody gives a fuck, but these are my top 10 favourite mcs that never made it. Leave a comment and let's rap geek it.

# 10 O.C

Word Life.

# 9 Supastition.

This guy really only ever rhymed about not making it, but still, he was dope.

# 8 Mr Cheeks.

This is how chick songs used to be.

# 7 Chino XL.

Some people say tupac ruined this guy's career. But it was probably the braids.

# 6 Slug

One of the best story tellers ever.

# 5 Gift of Gab.

You know he released an album this year?.. exactly.

# 4 CL Smooth

Yeah yeah yeah pete rock pete rock pete rock. Give the rapper some.

# 3 Count Bass D

Singing rap. Give it a try.

# 2 AZ

Murdered nas on his own shit.

# 1 Last Emp

This guy is and always has been my favourite mc since I first heard Secret Wars. If you havn't heard Gota Have Love, Meditation, One Life, or heaven go check them. If you ask me Last Emp is one of the best writers ever. But meh, who asked me. What a waste of time. Im guna go make a sandwich. Peace.


  1. Slug is mean!! God loves ugly is an epic album!

  2. word 2 supastition, dudes got a new album out under his real name if you aint up on it.