Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snowboard Saturday.

Saturday I had a show at Rakinos with Team Dynamite. Night started off with missions to find some Purple Nikes, once I got them my night got alil messy & got home early hours of the morning again!..I took too many drugs & snowboarded my way threw the night on a really good high. I Crash most of sunday. Felt like a floating plastic bag getting blown round by the wind. Was a good night & the show was awsome. Big ups to The Usual Suspects, MC Silva & Art Officical, Dynamite boys, TDK & my home boy Substance for holding down a mean, mean, mean az night & to everyone that came up to Rakinos.

Happy birthday to Hamish & Krisanta I had fun being wasted with you guys, spesh you Hamish lol. Lets do again soon.

A mugshot with Eliza during my messy night hahaha :)

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