Friday, June 11, 2010


Yup, thats right, Im that tired Im yawning my arse off. I dont even feel like going to my show tonight with the Dynamite boys cause Im so sleepyface..but it has to be done. Maybe I just need a pick me up or a line or two or three?.

Ive been getting on the mad binge lately & its been beautiful, not the coming down or the hungover part, just ALL the out having fun parts haha. I think a real detox is what I need doe. Since the Brew have put a hold on the gigs to focus more on the National tour, ive been going out & getting shitfaced most weekends (dont worry, Im still banging them beats out).Maybe a week in the Bahama's or even somewhere just outta Otahuhu would be good for my health & will bring me back to the normal horse face I am?, but untill then Ima keep on partying hahaha, you only live once right!

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