Monday, June 14, 2010

Haz' + Winz = Cant Be fucked!

I woke up extra early 2day to make my appointment at Winz. It was a great start to the day & its been a very long time since I've seen myself up at 7am in the morning. Heaps of cars on the road, school kids everywhere, breakfast eaters & window washers were all out in ful effect this morning.
Anyways..I got to Winz, turned around & came home. I thought to myself Im not a Winz person. Free money is cool but I dont see myself getting any sort of benefit. I just dont like Winz & there process of doing shit. Puts me off abit haha..Im not scared or ashamed. Just cant be fucked! & that sums it all up. Haz' cant be fucked going on the benefit. So no two dozen in my fridge just a 6pack..& no dozen on the way, just the bros. Case closed. Thank you.

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