Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2 : June Bug Part 1

Something quick I whipped up before I got high & tipsy yesterday.

Haz' Beats - June Bug part1 by Haz&Taku

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  1. Yo bros,

    Came about your blog through keeping up with the Kiwi tunes on BFM, then checked ya's out on youtube and from there, went hunting for homebrewcrew on google. Mean beats, that's all I can say. JDilla would be proud. You guys got that feel - only Kiwiana, which just makes it all that much better! And the rhymes.. talent like that only comes naturally, not everyone is blessed with that talent. It's rarer than a mint Mark 2 Zephyr.

    Are you guys signed to a label? Are they paying? Get out there an tour. Make the live thing work for ya. And I mean get out of Australasia, go to Europe and get on the summer tours aroung Germany, Spain, Italy, England. They love their hiphop and they aren't pretentious with it like a shit load of Americans are. See Fat Freddys for inspiration there; Dallas and co. kill it in Europe. I'm guessing but they probably all paid their mortgages with people's hard earned from over that way.

    The most you can ever look forward to in NZ if you stay solely there is Che's status, and trust me, bredren ain't rolling in it. I used to deliver mail to his whare in Grey Lynn, Auckland, and it was right next to the motorway, sucking up mad fumes. Not deserving of one of the most talented cats of NZ music. And not when you consider the Fynn's all got big mansions and living large in Mt Eden.

    Anyway the point I'm making is, the one problem with NZ is it's just too damn small to make the pingas eh. Not enough population. All the ones that have longevity and pay their bills from doing their passion, did/do it by taking a leap of faith overseas. Just back yourselves, seriously.

    And I know ya'll will be doing it for the love, but love don't pay the rent and hiphop won't satisfy the wife like it satisfy you; and if you ain't married, you ain't never gonna get the girls and respect living with Mum Dukes - I should know, I was there until I reached 33!

    Lastly, whatever you can do on your dolo, do. Album cover art, music videos, PR, everything. Make those bitches in the major labels; the ones that just want YOU to make them rich and famous, beg for your signature. And whatever you do, try and keep your publishing rights as part of the deal or you'll only ever be a karaoke singer of your own music while they take the cream.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Best get outta here before I put youse to sleep!

    Peace, te aroha nui bros...

    Lazrus, Auckland via Cambodia.