Tuesday, June 8, 2010

create your own super hero

most of my life i truly believed i was spiderman. then my outfit shrunk in the dryer and i realised that maybe i wasn't. life is hard. but then i found this site right here and i started feeling super bad ass again. This site let's you create your own super hero!! How mean is that? I spent 7 and a half hours making mine!

His name is brew man and he has the super magical power of alcoholism. He carries the forever burning torch that can light even the biggest bucky in a single flick and his titanium apron is impenetrable to spew. Plus he's got the all black undefeated poorman's and a giant ecstasy belt. He's so fucking rad.

(oh and then i got bored (my girl was at work) and i made this super hot super hero mumma who's like a mix of pam grier and afrodite. i call her pamstrodite. shes jarna.)

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