Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrate good times..

Yesterday I attended Herbs lead guitarist Dilworth Karaka's 60th birthday. The day was cloudy & cold but that was all good coz the party was inside. It was pretty laid back & formal. Met heaps of famous faces & had a beautiful plate of hangi. After the feed it was entertainment time. My bro's miri Liz dropped me a txt saying her dad wanted the Dynamite boys to do alil' 3-4 song set. I was kinda stoked & privilledged at the same time to do the set. After afew brews & a good yarn with my fellow Niuean bro Che Fu, he set the stage & played 3songs. We jumped on after him. Was kinda different performing to a crowd that was sitting down, but it was cool & we just did our thing. They didnt get up & dance or anything but they did clap for us lol. We got named the young fullas of the night hahaha..which was a crackup! but it was an honour to play infront of all these dope musicians!!

Me & my real life entourage (Shaun & Rikz) went to the after party & man it was packed. I havent been to a house party in so many years where the whole house was packed full of hard partying peoples. Was fuckin dope. Weed going round for days, brews flowing down nicely, people in bare feet dancing with out a care in the world, shit was awsome. Paying for it 2day doe.

Shot to Liz & her dad Dilworth for inviting me to the celebrations & Shaun for driving us home & dropping off the hangi at 5am in the morning. Good times.

Got to smoke fo some skunky az greenery with Tama Renata lastnight. Hes the man who played this..

Che did this..

highlight song of the night was hearing the band play this..

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