Saturday, June 12, 2010

Becos Of Love Video Teaser/Trailer

I produced this beat for sheeq afew years back & the same night I got off the plane from Dunedin I had to gap straight to the city to shoot my scene for the video. It didnt take long to shoot at all & I was pretty smashed after a messy weekend in Dunners. Anyways..the track features Rachel Fraser. Her voice is just so damn soulful & will def be looking forward to working with her alil more n the future. Mixed & Mastered by the homie Dan 'Exile' Mawby from the Breakin Wreck Camp & the video was directed by Dei Hamo. It was a fun night shooting & I cant wait to see the final cut of it. I'll try get the mastered version up for the blog in afew days, but for now you can mellow out on the teaser/trailer (Honestly 30secs is a tease haha).

Shot Sheeq, Dei Hamo, Rachel & Dan!

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