Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wellington to Auckland

Round the time we were down in Welly for the show with we didnt actually know how we we're gona get back up to Auckland. Honest! So the bro set out on a mission & stole a car for us to drive back to Auckland in. He stole a flash az car too & it kinda looked legit with us mugfaces in it, coz the driver & the passenger were white & 2 black guys were at the back drinking & eating Chicken Blue Bird chips (yum). If me & Lui were in the front it wouldve been red & blue lights straight away haha.

Anyways, I loved the drive back & pretty much stayed up most of the way. Shot for getting us home safely cobra Glen. Chur.

Home Brew - WLG - AKL Road Trip from Haz' Beats on Vimeo.