Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mal Meniga's bushy eyebrows

Im not much of a talker when it come to analyzing Rugby League or any sports in general haha, all I know I love the game & call myself a true supporter. All week ive been getting shit from the opposition haha, which makes the game more interesting. I kept my mouth shut all lastweek till yesterday, when I posted up 'NSW ALL DAY' on facebook. Wore my NSW jersey out yesterday only to get afew haters who showed me the fingers as I walked to catch my bus.Haters down!!

..anyways I got home lastnight after a mean day with the bro Tom (meetings, radio, then jam)& afew Asahi's at Ponsonby Social Club with Tungz (he plays the gat in the brew band)thanks to Rescue for rescuing us :)..ok..

so I get home & the boys are there in there colours chilling at The Castle (the hangout)drinking, talking smack & all that good old origin build up shit.We had two TV's running, one outside & the other inside as our Castle aint big enough to squeeze all out fat faces inside lol.

The game started & I was already pissed & high as a muthsucker so I dont even know if I qualify to keep typing from here..long story short my team lost. Like I said, I suck at breaking down what happened in the game & if there were a commentary job available for me id have to turn it down.

Nah, for real..The Blues were desperate to draw first blood and prevent the Queerlanders from extending their record-breaking consecutive series victories to 5 in a row & I certainly wasnt gona sit around have my mates give me shit the whole night. Blues scored first off the boot of Anthony Watmough & I was fuckin excited az hell when it was Hayne(Show Pony)who scored.
As soon us NSW supporters started chanting, we had to sit back when QLD scored & scored again!
Was 12-6 at half time & the 2nd half my Blues werent looking like how they were in the 1st. QLD kinda just jumped to the nek lev & shit went down hill from for my Blues camp. The game was close doe QLD winning just by 4points. Shot boys.

I would go on but this shit is just depressing, spesh when your team didnt win. I could even type out our weaknesses & all that & who I'd like to get dropped from the team, who il put in fullback *cough cough fuck Gidley* & all that but il just be wasting my time. Game 2 is just around the corner so maybe il write abit more bout for now Mal Meninga has bushy eyeborws!

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