Monday, May 17, 2010

Blanket Man Collab

before departing the beautiful Wellington City, we just had to get a joint collaboration with the local favorite 'Blanket Man'. Someone on my facebook said 'you should get a photo with Blanket Man'. We did one better & had a good yarn & exchanged afew 16's each over a can of V.
We caught up with him at the wrong time doe, he was on a come down from yesterdays sun bathing binge infront of his local 'B.K', our camera man kept filming (as thats what we pay him for)& managed to get a shit load of good material, respect his wishes we couldnt record his freestyle with myself & Tom. Blanket Man showed us what good sportsmanship was & how hard it is on the city streets, always refering back to diabetes,how cold it was, hanging loose,not selling out & keeping it true all mixed with alot profanity & head scratching!! Pure GOLD!!.What an all round 'G.C'!! Dont make him famous owww camera guy lol! Respect Blanket Man!

ok il shut up now..

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