Monday, April 26, 2010

Oui Groove Ft Lucky Lance - Getting Down To Business

Thought id post this up seeing as the good c*#$ts Nick & Mas posted it up on there blog over at

I had a helping hand with Oui Groove. A group of locals boys from my hood (Southside), who I respect & have love for, not only coz there Niueans (cause most of them are) haha but because the music that there making is just that shit im into. Feel good shit hands down!!

The day we made this track it came from just a simple gat riff. I programed the drums & sequencing the whole song, with a big help from the bro's Tungi on gat & bass, DJ Art Official on Keys, Tonga with his soulful voice & MC's Johnny Rescue & Lucky Lance to lay it all out & make you get down to business.
Nowadays the track is completely different & with the Oui Groove boys having there band tighter then a nun's *ahem* the new feel to this track is just a mouthful that I cant explain.
You gotta see there live show!

Catch them live this coming Saturday @ Rakinos on High Street, Auckland along side there good friends Team Dynamite, myself (doing some raps) & of course your usual drunk mugfaces the Home Brew boys, with DJ support by Substance & TDK. A lazy $10 on the door for all your favourites in the one building, thats a good night!

Shout outs to the Oui Groove boys.

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